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-- Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not. -- Robert F Kenedy


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-- "You've got to show your soul otherwise you're just a piece of equipment." -- Sylvester Stalone

Georgia and Savvas

I was really looking forward for this wedding …… I really had the instinct that it could have been magical all my elements would have been there…..and I was so wrong cause everything in this was so awesome and beyonda fantastic that the eye of the tiger inside me was dancing like groovy bear from disney movies…

I really loved the moment when Georgia asked me about my Adrian when I first step to the wedding setup and location to start working….. its very beautiful when ppl dont see you as the weddingvideomachine and they welcome you even if you are a stranger as one of their close guest and then they only thing they say…. do what you want … do what you believe ….and just do your magic with our video …

I really appreciate everything that came from this wedding and I really feel proud of the result…

For the memories and behind the scenes notes

In this wedding xristoforos couldnt come in person but was there in spirit and we had to film it with Tasos and my future father in law mr Elias and I couldnt feel less than invincible ….

It was really great to meet Olesia again as she is not only a great person but also a very talanted photographer that helps a lot in way she works my way of filming.

And last bit from behind the scenes on this description…

Have you seen ROCKY II fight? Adrian its at home waiting for Rocky that he is currently on his big fight with Apollo and even if she is not with him in person she is so in him in spirit and energetic aura of win…


Yooooo Adrian We did it :)

Elsa and Kypros

love the life you the life you love.
Bob Marley

I always wanted to be involved with videos.
i always was dreaming the day that I could
do videos for living not because of the money but because this was myself trying to contact with the worlds most enchanted spells and the worlds golden treasures.

The magic of love the touch of happiness and the greatest feelings that only in the movies we could see was always my motivation but was never expecting
that via weddings i will reach my ithake of excitment.

this girl came 2.5 years ago in my life and unlocked a door of me i was too blind to see before of her arrival and i know today that she is my spirit in every video i do
and with trailers like the above am celebrating this amazing feeling that called love all over from the begining once again ! :)

thank you my Adrian for being my Oscar

Wedding Trivia :

Elsa and Kipros is an amazing and really beutiful couple , no doupt about that and their wedding was oustanding

its very important for the element to be there or otherwise Mr Miracle will never visit mr Oscar and his old pc

trivia 2 : My dream team, my personal Chicago bulls! am MJ cause i am really a big fan and they are Pippen Tasos and Rodman Xristoforos :) nothing can stop OUR camera train and am definitelly blessed to have them!

trivia 2:) techical stuffs? well am not trying to sell equipment thru my videos and i really dont like when couple ask me what equipment you will bring in our weddings but in this case i will say that i really loved my old VHS camera :P ( serious note : SONY FS100) she is my second other half and always a proudmachine! some gopros like the colored black and the old hero 2 and a glidecam hd400 with a sony vg30 was there too and ofcourse my old imortal love the 5DII :)

till our next online presentation :)
YOOOOOOOOOOOOO Adrian I did it and may the GODDES OF LOVE love ya all! :)

Dragana and Fady wedding


Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
Albert Einstein

this video goes to my darling Adrian. since i met her I can see and feel that there is no power to stop Oscar Studio from rising.

this was one of the most anticipated weddings of all times for me and my team.
the amazing and sweet couple , the incredible venue the destination atmosphere and generally all the great vibes was there to boost me my team and our cameras for the best possible .

thanks for watching :)

ps: i think this was the perfect wedding to present Oscar Studio new logo and intro! :)

Apostolos and Ioli


Sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never been hurt dance like nobody’s watcHing,
and live like it’s HEAVEN ON EARTH’

Stelios and Chrysanthi

This was for sure the most unpredictable wedding call that me and my team had during this season.
the wedding that from the final result was one of my favorite moments of the year.
in a world of wedding cinematography their day gave to me and my team the elements of real and honest moments and the mesage from the above that Love is Enternal Feeling that doest age but keeps u always young and warm.

filmed almost 95% handheld with the fs100 from Sony

cover foto from Theo Georgiades

boost of infiny help from my alter egos Xristoforos and Tasos.

motivated always by best half. … my Adrian :) xx

Despina Olympiou

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…” and thats the John Lennon and our life truth..

it came out of nowhere and it happened so fast that I could felt for some moments the power of flash! and yes for once again againts all odds. 1.5 hr of filming , studio only shots, no time to breath, no time for preparations and a bloody deadline this can easily be called the biggest challenge of 2013 until now

To Zenon. thank u for the opportunity! thank u for believing in me and thank u for ur time and all the support!

To Andreas thank u for the opportunity as well, u are a great composer and ur studio is amazing!

To Despina, thank u for being so down to earth , it was a pleasure creating this for u and ur team.

To Tasos thank u for beind there sharing the project and helping Oscar Studio to rise again!

and finally to my batterfly, YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADRIAN WE DID IT AGAIN , YOU are driving me to EDGE of my best motivation/inpiration ALWAYS and nothing could have been done with out you. thank u for being who u are and pls dont ever change cause am thirsty for more! ;D

may the GOD OF LOVE love ya all! Enjoy our 2013 eurovision Entry!

Μusic: Αndreas Georgallis — Lyrics: Zenon Zindilis

Preview Video of the very first presentation of the Cyprus Entry to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest | Director: Anthony Mozora — Oscar Studio Productions


To φιλμάκι για την πρώτη επίσημη παρουσίαση της Κυπριακής συμμετοχής στον 58o διαγωνισμό τραγουδιού της Eurovision.

Μουσική: Ανδρέας Γεωργαλλής

Στίχοι: Ζήνων Ζιντίλης


Lazaros Kontozis

Filmed with the power that was borrowed from the mighty speed of light this was a project that came supricely from the planet of unexpected! :)

the mission? Track,Find and shoot a videoclip for an upcoming song in less than a week and yes we are not expendables! ;D filmed in a maximum of 2hrs and almost edited same day this was a great experience for me and another add to our library of work.

Special Thanks to Zenon Zentilis for his faith and belief in the Oscar Studio force.
Special thanks to my brother Tasos for coming after a last sec call to help me film this.
Special thanks to Lazaros for his talent and down to earth personality and ofcource great music

and my most deep thanks to the Oscar Studios guardian angel . my Adrian for believing and supporting me so much no matter what just like in the movies but in reality!

this was a gread ride for my good FS100 ( some shots were made with a canon 60d and a 5DII)

Under the Sea

“The more things you do, the more you can do.” – Lucille Ball

the most unpredictable project of the current year. My true great and wonderfull friends Giannis & Eirini came to me apart from capturing their most important day to create for them a pre-wedding video. I wrote the script based on their really sweet wedding invitation and so we started shootings……unfortunatly our deadline was very limited and cause of many many issues that came up we desided to complete the movie later in August. In the meanwhile I took the best parts from the first shooting and I did a combination with video from the actual wedding and the result was presented on their wedding reception before the bridal dance! :)

Working on projects like Short movies is like being born again cause this is what i really love to do and since my Adrian came to my crazy Oscar life , i feel so motivated and enchanted for more.

for this project i couldn’t reach my goal with out her incredible force and spirit so no thank u is enough to express my apreciation and love. YO MY ADRIAN WE DID IT ………again!

i want to thanks and congratulate Giannis & Eirini, they are truly one of my fav couple of all time , they are both so sweet and special and all the best is at least what they deserve! thanks to them for leting me to share their important day and thank u x inifinity for trusting me in every detail they wanted to do for the wedding!

in this project I had the help by an incredible teenager . Mr. Stavrou and it was a pleasure to have him around during the day! :)

for Tasos AND Christoforos my alter egos in the Cinematography Force…. they are the best and i feel lucky to have them in my team

also another thanks go to Andri Josef for her help and talent for this wedding.

may the RAIDERS OF THE LOST LOVE finds all the people that they need this feeling to go forward! :)


Raiders of the Proposal

”Pampos is the unique and adventurous type so he decides that before he proposes to his love he must steal the Ancient Ring of legends from a Secret Cave and now he is fighting againts both time and evil to complete his mission and be at his wedding on time.” RAIDERS OF THE PROPOSAL”

behind the scenes :

when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’,
I dont know if Coelho had Pampos in mind when he was thinking this but am very sure that if they meet one day he will meet his quote in a human version.

In a world of rising and going forward with more wedding projects having the chance to go back to the roots of oscar studio was more than a blessing. This project honestly came from knowwhere and it was definitely ment to be. there is no other explanation. this amazing and full of great madness couple came from the right distance on the right time with their incredible faith and belief and an unlimited full pack of energy to accept all my crazy demands and to travel literally around Cyprus to create this movie under very hard contitions . they are simply the best and i will be always gratefull to them.

this video goes for my better half , my one and only Adrian Balboa for everything she is for me.
6 of July is a day i will always treasure for A THOUSAND YEARS of reasons ;)

Skevi and Savvas

A man once said. ”Weddings are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get”(Oscar Gump)

And this is how our story begun,
The Sweetest bakery of Destiny have chosen this time to share with me and my apache team one of the sweetest and best chocolates of the year…….

the wedding of Skevi and Savvas.

from the very first moment of the official booking till today this one of the Weddings i was waiting so much,

the truly unigue amazing and beautiful couple Skevi/Savvas , the great venue, church , the great photographer Theo Georgiades and all the elements that makes the CONSPIRACY OF WEDDING VIDEOS great was there…………..nothing could have been less and nothing could have stop us from doing our best.

this wedding was on a very hard weekend.
during may-june-july finding time to breathe is almost imposiple.
but when you have the motivation, the every moment awakening for doing what u love in action then the energy is coming in a matter of seconds………………

My unlimited thank u to Skevi / Savvas……. thank u for your once in lifetime adventure……..

to Theo the great photographer for his help and powerfull cooperation

to my Wedding Runners Christoforos and Tasos, nothing could have been the same with out ur help. thank u for growing better with me in every wedding step we take……..

to my darling Adrian, my best camera and my best lens, thank u for your magic for living with me and your incredible understanding………. thank u for the unlimited hrs of waitings for me coming home after every wedding at any stupid oclock the universe can give me any time. thank u for standing by me becoming everytime the music of the GONNA FLY NOW motivation and thank u for inspiring me and sharing with me all my love and work……….eight three one……….action! CCN!

May the GOD OF LOVE love ya all! :)

Skevi & Savvas

“Love is like oxygen Love is a very splendid thing Love lifts us up where we belong All you need is love!”


another trailer from one of the most elegance weddings of the year .

Yo Adrian We did it! :)

Katerina & Stavros


A Crazy Little Thing Called Love has snuck into my pc today and then the magical spells started working :P when the final cut was there to take away the new trailer from the OVEN of my pc and here I am delivering the latest trailer……….

Motivated by my Adrian Balboa
no directors, no cameras , no nothing else was used for the making of this………. it just happened! :P

thanks to the amazin couple for a fantastic wedding! thanks to my team for being there for me no matter how hard they work on their actual works on a daily basis and thanks to the GOD of Love for this crazy little thing called love! :)

YO Adrian YOU DID IT :)

Alexandra and Marios

Two people that were made for each other people that were meant to love each other.

from the first day we met till this moment that am sharing this trailer online the biggest thing i would like to type is thank you to this unique couple for coming into my Oscar Studio Book of wedding adventures creating a glowing page to always remember.

they gave me the time and no pressure to work with no STUPID deadlines which me and my pc apreciate a lot :P

to my Unexpendable team i own a gigantic thanks once again for being there giving me their best

and last but not least to my best , to my only to my other half . to my Adrian for being the heart in every video i make. thank you for being with me since the begining of my time and happy 2 years aniversary to us! :) :)

Mary and Marios



Virginia and Socrates

the most remarkable and most anticipated date of the year! a Wedding and a couple like no other……
i didnt know what to expect but i knew that this wedding was going to be competely amazing!

my Adrian was there, my team was there , the amazing couple was there and all the great elements no matter of the difficulties was there to succeed the best …………

there is no thank u big enough to express my apreciation to my adrian for sharing her bdays with me and my team and ofcourse the couple in action………… she is definitelly my special gift and every day i realise more than she is the main reason why i become better with oscar studio.

for my team , i really love them , ONE TEAM to RULE THEM ALL . thanks forever

for Virginia & Socrates. thank u for all the love , excitement and great words about oscar studio projects.

This Trailer came as a second option and it does remids me the begining of the Oscar Studio cinematography missions back in 2011 when I started my projects wiith a similar way to this and they was a bit not so artistic . )

in any love ways! thanks for watching and may the god of love love ya all!

Izambela & Adamos


Cooking time and welcome to the world of vintage! :P (brides favorite and this wedding theme)

i think this is by far the most different trailer i have ever made but i think the wedding itself didnt gave me other option :)

for Bella and Adamos………i really love their love, their incredible and really great persons and……….friends!

for my team! Xristoforos wanted badly to give to this wedding a SDE but unfortunatly cause of the limited time it couldnt happend but i really love seeing my team so passionated about every new projecT!

my Adrian! thank u for giving so much energy in everything i do no matter what! thank u for sharing everythin i do!.

till the next online trailer!!! here we goooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! :)

Mikaella & Themis

Love is the Law of life.

it was ment to be. The Judge of time and destiny brought us this time to Protaras to enjoy capturing the best moments of a really wonderfull couple .
The Elements was there.
2 great families, a magical venue and location , the great photographer (A.Georgiadis) the Love story and the feeling of excitment everywhere nothing could have been less than a real cinematic experience like the ones that me and my cameras are always thirsty to find. :)

special thanks to M&T for the opportunity and for sharing their magical day with me and my team

special thanks to the Lord of the Clicks , Antonis Georgiadis for his talent and presentation all over the wedding!

special thxs to my 300 in a team of 2 Tasos and Xristoforos for all the speedy conzales runnings up and down to be able to succeed the anticipated result. thank u for ur everything

to my darling Adrian, to my Special and not hidden secret, to my blessing for her love and support. Thank u for being exactly who u are …… the combination of my best feelings, the reason y Oscar Studio became better and still rising.


As the droplets of water are placed upon you,
You are wrapped in God’s precious love,
May He bless, guide and protect you,
Keeping you safe, healthy and happy from above.
God bless you little angel





This is my first christening video for 2012 and the first one after 9 months! :) yayyyyy It was an amazing day with a Priest giving me and my team the best feeling for being there on this unbelievable ceremony.

and yayyyy this is another video that goes for my Adrian , for her love support , exchitement, motivation and batterflies of creativity that she always giving to my work

special credits to my A-team , the OSCAR STUDIO team that am so proud to be the lead member .

Dragana and Fady


Where there is love there is life. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

And where is life there is always magical moments to capture – Oscar Studio ;D

Special Infos and behind the scenes details and thanks are coming tomorow ;D

till then

Dragana & Fady thank u for sharing with me , my other half and my team ur enchanted fairytale.

Yo Adrian we did it again! :)

Markos & Eleni

Once in awhile, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale.

and this time the Fairytale came to our lucky and honored us ;D

its was a real blessing for Oscar and I to be there in action to capture Markos&Eleni magical moments

this for sure was one of the most anticipated weddings of all times and one that will be always and forever remembered.

Being there and Living all this emotion in motion was something above magic.
and for Oscar Studio and I this was more than a honor
this wedding was the perfect example for ”Living ur Life to the most beatiful edges and enjoy the moments”.

and the mission of celebrating all this moments thru our work is the ultimate motivation via this magical potion!

to Markos and Eleni. Thank u for believing in my and my team . thank u for sharing with us ur special day!

to my Gauls and holders of our chosen cameras from the village of techology. Xristoforos and Tasos. thank u for working and helping me so much and above all thank u for all the incredible fan on the set of action

to Mr Phoivos, markos dad, it was reall a pleasure to meet u in person, thank u for all ur help and support!

to My Adrian.
You know , everytime since i met you i have this tradition of writing something below my videos. this was started when i wanted to come more close to you so its make it more personal everytime cause u mean so much to me and oscar studio that nothing from the todays magic would have been true and in reality with out you! Thank u for our ENTERNAL AND Imortal FAIRYTALE and Cinematic love! :)

ps: this was the first time ever that I made 2 trailers same time from the same wedding, 2 different styles

thanks for watching!


D and M

No Three Words Have Greater Power Than ‘I Love You’.
I dont normaly do second trailers from a same wedding cause the time and the deadlines are so under pressure and I have to keep moving forward……… but what happened this time and i went back to visit again the same wedding?
my little daughter……… ;D
I was watching the first cut from this wedding when she came smiling like always to see how is Daddy doing. and I told her that i have to check this video (the first trailer )and then we can watch her favorite cartoon when she replied back. BUT I WANT TO SEE THE PRINCESS (pointing at Michelle on the screen) ! and thats was the sparkle of the best smiles and the motivation for something to treasure this moment! She really saw the meaning and the feeling of what a real wedding should be in one of my videos and me and my Adrian we couldnt feel more proud!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its the power of magic, the power of love ……. the freedom that I got from this amazing couple to create for them WITH NO boundaries and no phonecalls, unlimited time and apriecation for my work……. Demetrios and Michelle thank u! ur wedding was the wedding i could give my cameras to RE-LIVE it from the begining! IT was fantastic and outstanding……………….congratulations again and again

thanks to my band of Camera Singers Tasos & Christoforos

thanks to the one and only Theo Georgiades for this talent and support during the day!

and YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Adrian We Did it again! :) thank u for making me cabable of feeling everymoment from this ONE in a Lifetime Adventures! :)

Demetrios & Michelle


a wise man once said.
”You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have doen things in the spirit of love.”

For this video the power of love and the universe has brought me and the O-team aka my alter egos Xristoforos n Tasos to Limassol to share and capture the truly amazing in everyway wedding day of Demetrios and Michelle….

My special thanks goes to this sweet and every minute so inlove couple for giving me the opportunity to live their story and me and my team congratulations for their wedding.

to Tasos and Xristoforos for their incredible force……. they are the bright side of what I call the Oscar Studio Knight……. nothing could have be done with out them . thanks for everything and cant w8 for every next cinematic project

To Theo Georgiadis for his talent and no-noise performance,… a really great and very talanted photographer .
I knew about him from fb and i was looking foward to meet him and see him in action and he is totally recomended. working with him can only gives the best result on a cinematic production .

and my final thanks but my greatest one to my Adrian for her power , love support , for being there in mypersonal and Oscar Studio corner, for being there with the incredible smile and passion giving her best for me and our little Oscar…………….. thank u my Adrian x infinity and yes i have to write it down = Thank u for being there for me when i was driving back on the phone just to keep me awake on my way …………

May the God of Love Love us ALL ;D

Stephanie & George

”Live your life, take chances, be crazy. Don’t wait cause right now is the oldest you’ve ever been & the youngest you’ll be ever again”

behind the scenes details and special thanks coming asap. :)

Yo Adrian We Did it……. again ;D

”Temple of Love”


~Krystal Kuehn once said

The power of love is amazing and never-ending. It can motivate, energize, inspire, and strengthen. Love can do in a person what nothing else can do. Love has the power to revive and change lives, restore relationships, and bring healing. All else may fail, but love never fails.

special thanks to Denis and Tania for the love, support and motivation , its was really a great challenge to share their incredible day with my team …………

to my amazing and unique team, Tasos and Christoforos, for the hard work they do and their incredible force , for all the experiences , laugh and smile thanks to both for the wonderfull elements they give to Oscar Studi

and finally MY ULTIMATE THANKS to myself and Oscar Studio heaven gift for the unlimited love and support, for her 24hr clock of love thats reminds me that we can go the distance because we believe in us, for being in our Oscar Studio corner with her incredible smile…… for my Adrian for being just her unreal but so real magical self. Yo Adrian we did it and we will always do it at least forever! ;D


Yo Adrian We Did it……

Giant and unlimited thank u to my Adrian for her love support excitment and motivation………. (this video is for her) thank u for being there…..

to my Oscar Studio team for being so amazing always

to Haris Astaniou for his help and talent on the Wedding Day

and to the incredible couple MARCOS AND EVA for their wonderfull cooperation

Xaralampos & Kyriaki

great thanks toooooooooooooooo

@Natalie Stavrou for her support , love, excitement, and motivation !! and yayyyyyyyyyy!!!;D

@to my Oscar Studio team for their amazing work during that day

@ to my really great Friend Maria Symeou for the great suprice during that night. :D

@and to the really amazing photographer Haris Astaniou (Fluid Photography) for his incredible skills and talent . Can not W8 for the next project together!!

cover photo by Haris Astaniou

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